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Dante's Salsa & Bachata FAQ


Q - Do I need a partner?
A - No, Neither the Bachata lessons nor the Salsa Lessons require a partner, so you do not need a partner to attend, our glass format allows us to make it easy for individuals to rotate and dance with other participants throughout the night

Q - Where do I need to register to attend?
A - Our Social Dancing event does not require advance registration, in short, You don't need to be registered to join the fun. just bring your enthusiasm, Valid US ID or International passport, and $20 cash, and be ready to have fun and meet new friends.

Q - Can I come by myself? 
A - Yes! You can come on your own or with your friends. our event is open to all, and we encourage everyone to dance with everyone and enjoy themselves.  We hope to see you there!

Q - Do I have to dress up to attend?
A - No, be comfortable be you, we don't necessarily have a dress code but we encourage people to feel good and look good whatever that looks to you, it's Saturday night and everything is possible! 


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